JPDA “Raises the Bar” at Europe’s Premier Music Venue - The O2 Dublin
posted on Friday, April 17th AT 06:23:35 AM

The O2 Dublin Brand Experience, designed by Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, opened recently following an €80 million redevelopment of Dublin’s historic Point Theatre. The venue pampers O2 customers within fantastical themed environments including the Blue Room, Indigo Lounge, and the Concierge entry experience.


Red Hook Bicycle Competition entry written up on Urban Omnibus
posted on Monday, March 16th AT 11:17:57 AM

A discussion on JPDA's entry to the Red Hook Bicycle Compeition, by Lisa Chamberlain, Executive Director of the Forum for Urban Design.


JPDA Shortlisted for Mill River Park Design in Stamford, CT
posted on Monday, February 9th AT 05:09:14 PM

JPDA has been shortlisted to design the Mill River Park Porch in Stamford, Connecticut. The proposal includes a carousel, cafe and large floating green landscape intervention and employs many sustainable strategies for construction and operations.


American Apparel: Hells Kitchen published in VMSD magazine
posted on Wednesday, December 3rd AT 05:18:29 PM

American Apparel's first green store, designed by JPDA, was published in VMSD magazine. Excerpt below:

"There's a difference between changing out your palette to look green and actually incorporating sustainable practices," says Darrick Borowski, creative director at JPDA. "All those things that look green on the surface can be just as harmful as what they're replacing. We were more interested in proving that we could tell any visual store and do it responsibly."


Remote Lounge featured in Extreme Bars book
posted on Tuesday, December 2nd AT 10:26:27 AM

Remote Lounge featured in Birgit Krols' Extreme Bars book, available now from Tectum Publishing. Excerpt below:

For those not shy of the spotlight and up for their 15 minutes of fame, there was, for a short time only, just one address: Remote Lounge. ... An ideal place to spy on people, although you have to accept that you will also be and remain the object of curious looks. Because despite the fact that some people didn't like to find evidence of their behaviour on the internet, the bar's motto was "whatever goes online, stays online."


Boerum Hill House profiled on
posted on Tuesday, November 25th AT 12:32:22 PM

Boerum Hill House was profiled on today. Excerpt below:

This week, we're looking at homes featured in Brooklyn Modern by Diana Lind, with photographs by Yoko Inoue. Here's Diana's installment #2:


JPDA among 6 finalists in Forum for Urban Design's latest competiton: Red Hook Bicycle Masterplan Design
posted on Wednesday, November 5th AT 11:21:18 AM

JPDA recently submitted work for the Red Hook Bicycle Masterplan Design competition, developed by Forum for Urban Design. We are proud to announce our inclusion in the group of 6 finalists. Our submission included the planning and design for improved biking conditions throughout Red Hook/Brooklyn, featuring new routes and pump stations, as well as a central bike loft providing storage and other amenitites. The winning entry, along with ideas from other selected proposals, will be put to future when the ideas become reality. Please visit our project page for renderings and detailed information.


JPDA opens new American Apparel store in Omaha, NE
posted on Saturday, September 6th AT 07:12:05 PM

Article excerpt from

American Apparel officials still see promise in the sparse retail-commercial district and in Omaha, said Randy Plemel, project manager with Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based company hired by American Apparel to open the store.

"I think what's really positive about American Apparel's position right now is they can be very selective with the sites, and go with the ones that make sense financially," he said. "This sort of up-and-coming area, with all the projected development, is a very exciting place. It's definitely the type of location that American Apparel likes."


Boerum Hill House featured in Diana Lind's new book, Brooklyn Modern
posted on Wednesday, May 21st AT 06:58:26 PM

From the Rizzoli website:

Brooklyn Modern is the first book to explore the connection between Brooklyn’s astounding rebirth and its emerging architecture. As the new cultural heart of New York, Brooklyn has recently attracted many young people interested in creating their own sense of space, as well as in renovating brownstones and townhouses. The results are homes that express the optimism, resourcefulness, and experimentation of many of Brooklyn’s bohemian residents. Cutting-edge new public buildings have also enhanced the area’s cachet. Working with spatial and financial restraints, architects in Brooklyn have demonstrated deft solutions to urban living everywhere.


JPDA awarded bid to design The O2's latest concert venue in Dublin
posted on Thursday, April 10th AT 03:38:19 PM

JPDA completed designs for a bar, VIP lounge and branded entry concierge for European mobile giant O2's latest venture – a concert hall in Dublin, Ireland. All three defined areas will feel distinctly O2, as we've interpreted their signature "bubbles" in unexpected ways. The venue is housed in a repurposed building on the water in Northwall Quay. Scheduled to begin construction in October, the venue will open it's doors in December.